Monday, June 20, 2011


If you know me at all, you know I love soap operas. Well, really just one soap opera - General Hospital. I've recorded it (almost) every day since the summer before my senior year in college. Greatness. Anyway, I love how even some of the most horrible characters can eventually be redeemed. There is always a good chance that someone is going to cheat on his/her significant other, switch paternity results, give mob boss Sonny another love child, or even steal a baby. Sometimes these characters can be redeemed and they end up being my favorite character on the show (Sam and Maxie!).

I began thinking about this concept and how it applies in "real life" on my morning walk this morning and then the title of the scripture passage in my morning devotional was "Joy of the Redeemed" (Isaiah 35). I have messed up plenty of times, some mistakes seem more of a big deal than others and some have harsher consequences than others. Yesterday and this morning, I just could not get images and memories of one of these mistakes out of my head. Though I know God has forgiven me, I just seem to dwell on how badly I messed up (don't worry - I didn't steal someone's baby!).

I think Satan bombards us with the thoughts that we're so messed up, even though we know that God has wiped us clean. I am so incredibly grateful that my God loves me enough to redeem me. Even though I've made mistakes and gotten dirty, God steps in and makes me that pure child of God He created me to be.

If the writers of GH can redeem Maxie, surely my Lord can redeem me!

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