Monday, June 10, 2013

The Final Countdown

We are officially on the final countdown - Baby could decide to come any day!  I've had a few more showers over the last few weeks and lots of dr. appointments!  At the most recent appointment, we got our final sonogram, which made me feel a lot like Rachel in Friends.  The main picture was of his/her face and, even after asking my doctor to decipher it and looking at it at home, I still don't see it!  But everything is looking good and we could have a baby any time in the next couple weeks.

How far along: 37 weeks, 4 days

How big is baby: 6 pounds 3 ounces
Total weight gain: approx. 27-28 pounds 
Sleep: A couple bathroom trips and every once in a while I can't go back to sleep and end up exercising at 3:30am before trying again
Maternity Clothes: Yes.  Though I would like to say that today I rocked my non-maternity J. Simp skinny jeans - I bought them a size too big, they're stretchy material, and were help up by a rubber band and belly band, but still... I wore them!  (Also, the maxi dress in the picture below was purchased a couple weeks ago in the juniors dept. at Dillard's!).
Morning Sickness: None at all - so thankful
Food Cravings: Still icy drinks; fruit; orange juice
Food aversions: None
Challenges: Reaching for things; bending over
Movement: Definitely!
Boy or Girl?: Surprise!
What I’m looking forward to: Meeting Baby!
What I miss: pencil skirts
Next appointment: June 12

My awesome hostesses at my Dallas shower!  Such a great time!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

33 Weeks

I haven't been nearly as good about blogging through pregnancy as I hoped, but I guess something is better than nothing.  I cannot believe we have less than 2 months to go - time has gone so quickly!  Everything has continued to go smoothly.  I have been incredibly blessed with an enjoyable pregnancy thus far.  I did have to start taking an iron supplement after my last appointment, but that at least explains my constant craving for icy things (not that you would have to twist my arm to eat a sno cone at any given moment, but still!).

How far along: 33 weeks
How big is baby: Estimated to be about 4 pounds

Total weight gain: 25 pounds 

Sleep: Usually waking up multiple times to change positions or go to the bathroom.  Not terrible though.

Maternity Clothes: Yes.  Very thankful for mommy friends who have provided me with a ton of clothes!

Morning Sickness: None at all - so thankful
Food Cravings: Not necessarily ice itself, but anything icy - sno cones, slushes, and ice cold water (I usually hate having ice my cup, now I can't get enough)
Food aversions: None

Challenges: Bending over is getting to be a bit more difficult

Movement: All. The. Time.  Love it!

Boy or Girl?: Surprise!

What I’m looking forward to: My next shower in a week and a half!

What I miss: Steak, medium rare
Next appointment: May 15

This picture is actually from a couple weeks ago, but it will have to do!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Over Halfway There...

Now that I'm past the halfway point of the pregnancy and starting to actually look a little pregnant, it's becoming much more real!  I have a little baby bump, a registry, and I think we'll be setting up the crib this weekend!

How far along: 24 weeks, 1 day

How big is baby: A little over a pound
Total weight gain: About 11-12 pounds 
Sleep: Sleepy!!  Beginning to get a little more difficult to get comfortable, but not waking up during the night very often
Maternity Clothes: Yes, a few pants which are awesome!  Mostly still wearing regular tops and dresses though
Morning Sickness: None at all - so thankful
Food Cravings: Skittles - because Marshall had a big bag on the most recent episode of How I Met Your Mother and I've wanted them every since
Food aversions: Nothing really
Challenges: Nothing really
Movement: Starting to tell the difference between baby and gas - ha!  I don't think you can feel anything from the outside yet
Boy or Girl?: Surprise!
What I’m looking forward to: Getting the house ready
What I miss: Nothing right now - I allow myself the occasional diet coke so I'm good!
Next appointment:March 27

Thursday, February 7, 2013

20 Weeks

I can't believe we're already to the halfway point of this pregnancy.  Crazy how fast it's gone!  I've been extremely lucky and never had morning sickness or any other uncomfortable symptoms and sometimes forget I'm even pregnant at all.  So to remind myself, here is the 20 week update:

How far along: 20 weeks

How big is baby: About 6.4 in, 10 oz
Total weight gain: About 5 pounds 
Sleep: Still pretty tired all the time.  I get congested at night and may wake up some, but no sleepless nights
Maternity Clothes: No, though I'm dying to buy some maternity pants - so comfortable!
Morning Sickness: None at all - so thankful
Food Cravings: Starbursts the past couple weeks
Food aversions: Nothing really
Challenges: Nothing really
Movement: Nothing yet
Boy or Girl?: Surprise!  We could have found out at our appointment last week, but chose to keep it a surprise
What I’m looking forward to: Feeling the baby kick for the first time
What I miss: Nothing right now
Next appointment: February27

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Ooh Baby Baby!

Seeing as how my last blog post was a (super awesome) Halloween 2011 list of my favorite scary movies, I'm not very good at the whole blogging thing.  Now that a baby is on the way, maybe I'll be a little better.  I at least hope to be able to post some baby updates every once in a while, even if only for my own benefit in the future.  (I still go back and read old xanga posts - anyone else?)

Last year when my cousin's wife, Jessica, was pregnant, I LOVED all of her blog updates which answered the same following questions every few weeks.  Warning: if these baby update survey things annoy you, stop reading now.  

How far along: 15 weeks
How big is baby: About the size of naval orange

Total weight gain: About 2 pounds 

Sleep: It's pretty much all I want to do.  I usually wake up a time or two during the night, but that could be from B.J. snoring...

Maternity Clothes: Not yet

Morning Sickness: None at all - so thankful
Food Cravings: Pretty much anything except sweets.  Really loving milk
Food aversions: Just not in to sweets

Challenges: Just crazy tired ALL THE TIME

Movement: Nothing yet

Boy or Girl?: Will probably keep it a surprise until the big day

What I’m looking forward to: This supposed 2nd trimester energy I keep hearing about

What I miss: Diet Coke
Next appointment: February 1

Monday, October 31, 2011

Top 31 Scary Movies

To celebrate Halloween, I made a list of my favorite 31 scary films. They are in order of my enjoyment. I acknowlege that Silence of the Lambs is a better film than Scream; however, Scream still wins! :)

31. Jurassic Park (Disclaimer: I know this isn't really a scary movie, but it scared the heck out of me when I was a kid! My first PG-13 movie to see in a theater. My dad took me and when the movie was over, the napkin I had begun to clench at the beginning couldn't be straightened out!)
30. The Changling (best when watched at The Paramount in Abilene at midnight on Halloween)
29. It
28. I Know What You Did Last Summer
27. When a Stranger Calls (original)
26. Identity
25. Joy Ride
24. Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Jessica Biel version)
23. Rob Zombie's Halloween
22. Carrie
21. The Birds - My first horror movie!
20. Friday the 13th (remake)
19. Friday the 13th (original)
18. Saw
17. The Shining
16. Halloween V
15. Halloween IV
14. Scream 3
13. Nightmare on Elm Street (remake)
12. The Amityville Horror (remake - Ryan Reynolds baby!)
11. Halloween: H2O
10. Halloween II
9. Scream 4
8. Scream 2
7. Jaws
6. Silence of the Lambs
5. Psycho (original)
4. The Strangers
3. Nightmare on Elm Street (original)
2. Halloween

And although Scream is my #1 favorite scary movie, I do have to say that The Strangers takes the cake as being the scariest.


Monday, June 20, 2011


If you know me at all, you know I love soap operas. Well, really just one soap opera - General Hospital. I've recorded it (almost) every day since the summer before my senior year in college. Greatness. Anyway, I love how even some of the most horrible characters can eventually be redeemed. There is always a good chance that someone is going to cheat on his/her significant other, switch paternity results, give mob boss Sonny another love child, or even steal a baby. Sometimes these characters can be redeemed and they end up being my favorite character on the show (Sam and Maxie!).

I began thinking about this concept and how it applies in "real life" on my morning walk this morning and then the title of the scripture passage in my morning devotional was "Joy of the Redeemed" (Isaiah 35). I have messed up plenty of times, some mistakes seem more of a big deal than others and some have harsher consequences than others. Yesterday and this morning, I just could not get images and memories of one of these mistakes out of my head. Though I know God has forgiven me, I just seem to dwell on how badly I messed up (don't worry - I didn't steal someone's baby!).

I think Satan bombards us with the thoughts that we're so messed up, even though we know that God has wiped us clean. I am so incredibly grateful that my God loves me enough to redeem me. Even though I've made mistakes and gotten dirty, God steps in and makes me that pure child of God He created me to be.

If the writers of GH can redeem Maxie, surely my Lord can redeem me!