Thursday, January 3, 2013

Ooh Baby Baby!

Seeing as how my last blog post was a (super awesome) Halloween 2011 list of my favorite scary movies, I'm not very good at the whole blogging thing.  Now that a baby is on the way, maybe I'll be a little better.  I at least hope to be able to post some baby updates every once in a while, even if only for my own benefit in the future.  (I still go back and read old xanga posts - anyone else?)

Last year when my cousin's wife, Jessica, was pregnant, I LOVED all of her blog updates which answered the same following questions every few weeks.  Warning: if these baby update survey things annoy you, stop reading now.  

How far along: 15 weeks
How big is baby: About the size of naval orange

Total weight gain: About 2 pounds 

Sleep: It's pretty much all I want to do.  I usually wake up a time or two during the night, but that could be from B.J. snoring...

Maternity Clothes: Not yet

Morning Sickness: None at all - so thankful
Food Cravings: Pretty much anything except sweets.  Really loving milk
Food aversions: Just not in to sweets

Challenges: Just crazy tired ALL THE TIME

Movement: Nothing yet

Boy or Girl?: Will probably keep it a surprise until the big day

What I’m looking forward to: This supposed 2nd trimester energy I keep hearing about

What I miss: Diet Coke
Next appointment: February 1

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  1. Yay for posting! I love that you still read old posts from the X! And I love that y'all are waiting to find out the sex! So fun!